At Timberfeast, our mission is to grow super healthy, super delicious food.  We ensure this happens by raising animals as nature intended — moving to fresh pasture frequently (rotational grazing).  Our animals spend their lives outside, breathing fresh air, and eating bugs and grass as they please. Because they have natural, healthy living environments, they never require antibiotics, hormones, or other funny stuff.

Our menu includes (seasonal availability):

Rotationally Grazed Pastured Chicken

Rotationally Grazed Pastured Pork

100% Grass Fed Beef

100% Grass Fed Lamb

Rotationally Grazed Pastured Turkey

Pastured Eggs

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Some photos of our animals below —

And before you know it, it’s October. ...

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Guaranteed, if we’re doing chores, Tilly is doing chores. #aussiesdoingthings

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Hens on parade #pastureraised #eggs #timberfeast ...

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They’re looking for some good food! If you’re also looking for some good food, head to our Farm Shop where you still have time to order for Tuesday home delivery. We have over 100 items in stock.

ps - I spy one little eye...

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We are thrilled to announce that we received a $10,000 grant from @ilstewards Resilience Fund! The Resilience Fund was created to support farms with investing in critical infrastructure to scale up/adapt their business models to meet the skyrocketing demand spurred by the pandemic. With the funds, we are building a new on-farm walk-in freezer to upgrade our order fulfillment in a huge way. With centralized, on-farm packing and distribution, we can comfortably and efficiently expand our farm offerings as well as expand our shipping network.

Congrats to the other 26 Illinois farms receiving a grant from the Resilience Fund, including our partners @closedloopfarms and @spencefarm !!

Photo by @christopher_dowell

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Our chickens don’t just have “access” to the outdoors, they live on pasture 24/7. This time of year they’re munching on red clover, orchard grass, milkweed, alfalfa, oats, chicory, and even mulberry seedlings! We find that the higher the animal welfare, the tastier the end product. #bugsnotdrugs #pasturedpoultry #pastureraised #jerf #chickensofinstagram #broilerchickens ...

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Did you know that lard from pasture raised pigs has very high levels of vitamin D, up to 1000IU per tablespoon? And did you know it is 48% monounsaturated fat? The only cooking oil higher in monounsaturated fat is olive oil. Luckily for you, the most nutrient dense animal foods are often the ones raised most humanely and sustainably. #sunlightheals #grassfed #nutrientdense #wapf #eatfat #jerf #pastureraised #pasturedpork ...

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Join us in wishing an extra happy birthday to Farmer Justin! Thanks for sticking with us since 2018. We value your ideas, friendship, and your homemade pain cream for our achey bods. Happy birthday, we love you! 🥳🤗

Photo by @Christopher_dowell

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Freshie-fresh alert! Sugar Beet Co-op @sugarbeetfoodcoop has FRESH, pasture-raised, air-chilled Timberfeast chicken RIGHT NOW. If you were wondering what to put on your grill this week, now you know! Get ‘em while they’re h- - I mean air-chilled. They also have lots of eggs from the happy hens you see in this photo!

Photo by @christopher_dowell

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Turkeys of the morning sun ☀️ #pastureraisedmeat #betterforyou #betterforthem #farmingbeauty ...

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Pastured poultry season 6 #bigbroilers #pastureraised #freerange ...

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Always on the move! We use solar powered portable electric net fencing to rotationally graze our livestock. Moving animals is certainly time and labor intensive, but it’s what makes this kind of farming regenerative. #solarpowered #grasspowered #rotationalgrazing #lightontheland #pasturedpoultry #turkeysofinstagram ...

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