Microgreen Blend 8oz.



Seriously THE BEST microgreens. Closed Loop Farms serviced high-end restaurants across Chicago until the shut down, and they are quickly switching their model to sell directly to consumers.  I ordered some of these greens a few weeks ago, and knew right away we wanted you to be able to get your hands on them too.

Microgreen Blend: An assortment of soil-grown microgreens. Beautiful for your plate and your body. Put them on your salads, sandwich, pizza, pasta… great for any dish! We recommend moving the greens into an airtight container when they arrive to keep them fresher for longer.

Grown using organic potting mix, no pesticides, and no synthetic fertilizer.


Closed Loop Farms is an urban farm located at The Plant, a re-purposed meatpacking facility comprising a community of collaborative small food businesses in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago. For years, they have specialized in growing and selling premium microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers to top restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area. Over the last three years, we have grown from a 1 person operation to a staff of 8 full time and 4 part time employees.

Like many farmers and small producers, one of the things that drives our company is the desire to be self sufficient, to build local and resilient food systems and to provide a humble but important service to our community. These principles of food security are more important now than they have ever been in our lives.