Wild Coho Salmon 5lb Bundle



Delicious, healthy, sashimi-grade wild-caught Alaskan salmon. Approximately 7-15 pieces of Coho in each bundle.

Micah and Ben have created Copper Valley Fish Collective – a company, much like Timberfeast, that works directly with consumers. Similar to our CSA programs, they have a “Community Supported Fishery” model where you commit upfront for a return on the season’s catch.  We were only able to secure 100 pounds of Coho so that we would be able to offer it to you in these 5lb bundles.

Katie picked up the frozen salmon at the airport directly from Alaska!!! Add this to the list of cool and strange things I get to do as a farmer and earth-dweller.  The salmon you will receive is flash frozen on the day it’s caught and vacuum-sealed in 7oz portions. It is sushi-grade and ready to be thawed and eaten in a homemade Philly roll or poke bowl.

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Some information regarding the sustainability of wild-caught salmon:

– The wild Alaskan salmon runs in the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound where they fish are sustainably managed by biologists who open and close the fisheries throughout the season to make sure that the salmon population remains strong year after year while protecting critical habitat.
-When you buy salmon directly from a fisherman, you are supporting independent, owner-operators who are inherently committed to the long-term health of the resource. The traceable and direct supply chain means that you can always know who, how, where, and when your fish was caught.
-Choosing wild salmon gives you the opportunity to learn more about this spectacular natural resource and appreciate the cycles of the ocean ecosystem. We love learning about this crazy world of salmon, and we’re excited to be your connection to a wild and sustainable harvest.