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Chicken Breast, Boneless Skinless 1.20lb


Timberfeast Pasture-Raised Chicken Breast (2 boneless breasts per package) about 1.20lb per package

Here’s what makes our Chicken so special:

  1. Pasture-Raised. Our version of pasture-raised means rotationally grazed.  We spent a LOT of time moving our chickens to fresh pasture.  Fresh pasture means more nutrients through bugs and grasses (PSA: don't listen to any farmer who says chickens don't eat grass!!!!) In addition to the incredible taste difference, animals raised on pasture have much higher levels of Vitamins D, A, and E, and better omega-3/6 ratios.  
  1. Freshly milled feed. This might seem intuitive, but a lot of farmers overlook this.  You certainly know the difference between some freshly baked bread vs. bread baked a month ago! We formulated our chicken feeds for bringing the most nutrient density while also keeping the animals healthy.  
  1. Nutrient Density = Flavor. Chicken raised on grasses with the intention to create nutrient dense food means the flavor from our chicken is richer AND soo much healthier! Taste some of the juicy chicken breast and you might find your body says YES - this is good!

We think of your kitchen as an extension of our farm, where love, skill, and commitment come together.  Eating - and more specifically, enjoying - food raised with care and intention is a gift.  

Always pasture-raised, and always non-GMO and chemical-free is our commitment to you, and you can know that we love to hear what you're creating on your end with our chicken breast. 

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We pack orders once a week, so the deadline to order is on Wednesday at noon to receive your meat, eggs, and curated grocery items the same week.

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