We are closed for business! Thank you for 8 great years!

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The Timberfeast adventure began in 2015 out of a desire to produce and eat really good food. A couple years and a steep learning curve later, we have over 100 products for sale on our website and offer weekly home delivery to Chicagoland year-round.

The farm is located in Chatsworth, Illinois, about 80 miles south of Chicago. The farmland has been in Mark’s family for 6 generations and we are so grateful to have access to the beautiful pastures that our animals thrive on. 

Our food and farming philosophy is time honored — delicious and nutritious food comes from animals that live well. Fresh air, sunshine, and clean grass create the backbone of our farming practices.

Our commitment is to the highest quality food through humane techniques, organic standards, and sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Mark Brady

Timberfeast founder.

You can find him being the farm daddy, doing animal checks, eating raw eggs Rocky-style for breakfast, closely following his farming mentors to avoid making their mistakes, paying bills, always eating a Timberfeast sausage (always), taste testing Katie’s creations, rocking a serious farmer’s tan, and making the perfect seasonal cocktail.

Favorite Timberfeast products: Spiced & Smoked Whole Chicken, Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Sausage (out of stock; he ate them all), Fresh Thanksgiving turkey

Favorite Farm Chore:Moving ducks with farm dog Tilly

Least Favorite Farm Chore:
Cleaning out the brooder

Katie Kennedy

Timberfeast founder and resident kitchen witch.

You can find her fermenting vegetables, trellising tomatoes, finishing her masters in social work, packing hundreds of pasture-raised eggs, managing all facets of Timberfeast communications, and daydreaming more ways to sneak organ meats into her recipes.

Katie's passions include reimagining our food system, sociology, and creating the perfect hot sauce. An ideal day off includes quiet morning coffee, floating in the Timberfeast pond, and going to bed early.

Favorite Timberfeast products:Turkey Chorizo, Lamb Shanks, Air-Chilled Whole Chicken, Canned Coho Salmon

Favorite Farm Chore:Baby chick and duckling arrival day! So cute and fuzzy.

Least Favorite Farm Chore:Cleaning out the brooder

Justin Cousin

Our first farmhand, joined us in 2017. He works part time on the farm and full time as an English teacher (OPRF!). During the summer you can catch him playing in grass volleyball tournaments, cultivating shiitake mushrooms, and avoiding hens while collecting eggs- he's a chick magnet! Main tasks include farm chores, deliveries, product taste testing and cocktail critiquing. We don't sell anything without Justin's stamp of approval.

Favorite Timberfeast Products:Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties, Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon Brats, Spiced and Smoked Whole Chicken

Favorite Farm Chore:
Harvesting mushrooms and giving the animals water

Least Favorite Farm Chore:
Collecting eggs and cleaning the brooder.

Dan Scherer-Emunds

Joined us in 2020 on the farm. Graduated with honors from Mark’s Trailer School. Acts toward disability justice through nonprofit work. On the farm, you can find him doing early morning yoga, doing chores, taking walks with Tilly and Chip, swimming in the pond, making sure we stay hip to the latest music.

Favorite Timberfeast products:Eggs, Duck Breast, Pork Shoulder

Favorite Farm Chore:Feeding animals, lifting heavy stuff, long drives on country roads

Least favorite farm chore:
Spraying out the livestock trailer

Adam Siska

The face you'll likely see on Tuesday's if you live in Chicago. He's our delivery driver extraordinaire.

Mepuka Kessey

The 2019 Timberfeast Livestock Manager. He likes taking selfies with the dogs and cooking really good Szechuan cuisine.


Farm dog Tilly was born in 2015 in Chatsworth, Illinois two miles down the road from our farm.  Enjoys doing things like chicken chores, moving ducks, and herding runaway sheep.

Interested in digging in the pasture for field mice, riding in the Mule, and hoping Uncle Jerry is on his way to take her on an adventure. 


Our miracle dog, given to us the same day our previous Border Collie passed away. 

Loves snuggling with anyone on the couch way more than doing farm chores.  Interested in things like frisbee fetch, being told he’s a good boy, and finding all the socks in the house. 

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