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Coppa 8oz

Pork Coppa - uncured and nitrate free.

This is a nice paper thin ham charcuterie with a delicate and inviting aroma. It is thinly sliced made from the neck muscles of a pig to provide an irresistible aroma and great bite. Traditional Coppa Salami is a masterpiece toasty pig muscle salted with salt, pepper and spices including cloves and cinnamon.

The meat is uniformly red and speckled with white fat between the muscle fibers. The scent is intense and distinctive, while the taste is also sweet and delicate. 

1/2 pound package

Ingredients: Timberfeast Pasture-Raised Pork seasoned with a solution of water, untreated salt, organic raw cane sugar, organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon, organic clove, dehydrated vegetable juice (celery powder, sea salt)

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