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Italian-Style Pizza Flour (local&organic)

Not just for pizza, this flour is highly sifted and high in protein, so it works for basically any quick bread, focaccia, pasta, and of course, pizza.

Farmer Harold and his wife Sandy are similar to us in that they are surrounded by fields of conventionally grown corn and soy, and they chose to do something different.  They switched nearly 2,000 acres into organic agriculture, focusing on heirloom and specialty grains.  Now, you can ask nearly any chef in Chicago where the flour for their bread comes from and they will give you a gushing love story about Janie's stoneground, organic, pesticide- free flour

Amy Halloran, author of The New Bread Basket (hmm..anyone want to do an agricultural book club?) looks at the 10,000-year history of grain growing and has this to say about Farmer Harold and his farm: -

"Harold is a demonstration of exactly what’s missing to help create regional grain economies," Halloran says. "The mill is not just set up to benefit his farm, but to help several growers. He’s not looking just to process his own grain – no mill is. They’re engines of regional economies that eventually provide a market for a lot more than a single farm. The interest in a local or regional grain product and economy is coming along, but it’s much slower than other areas of local food, because [mills] – that intermediate processing facility – [have] disappeared, and because that processing facility is so expensive to create. Consumers being able to taste the difference figures into the equation of the value you put on the product, too.” (source)

The stoneground milling process leaves the kernel intact, leaving oils, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and minerals that are stripped away in industrial processing.  It smells different, tastes different, and my personal anecdotal evidence is that I don't make grains a big part of my diet, especially wheat, but the long-fermented sourdough I have been making with Janie's Mill flours have not caused me any of the usual distress/inflammation that white flour does.

The Mill is only 30 minutes from our farm.  

 From Janie's Mill Website: 

We worked closely with pizza makers (professional and home) to develop this special blend of flavorful Turkey Red Wheat and high-protein Glenn Wheat. Our testers found that this finely-sifted flour (70% extraction) is perfect for either airy Italian style pizza (with a longer rise time) or crisp New York style pizza (short rise time). And it has the gluten strength needed to support all your favorite toppings!

While this flour is perfect for pizza, it’s also great for focaccia, ciabatta, pane casareccio, and many other Italian (and non-Italian!) breads and baked goods. Any time you want a highly-sifted, high-protein, flavorful flour, try this one!

Milled from: a blend of High-Protein Glenn Wheat and Heirloom Turkey Red Winter Wheat  

Protein: 13%

Extraction Rate:70%

Flavor profile: Powdery, light and clean, with underlying butter and earth tones.

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