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Janie's Mill High Protein Bread Flour (Local&Organic!)

Have you tried Janie's Mill for your sourdough or yeast breads? This stuff is truly unlike any other flour.  It smells amazing right out of the bag, which is a result of the freshness, the fact that it's grown organically one hour from Chicago, and it is stone ground which retains much more nutrition than other processing.  Try it, your life may be changed!

This sifted bread flour produces a velvety texture and bright, clean flavor in sourdough and yeast breads, rolls, and enriched breads. It has a high protein level, and good extensibility, holding up well during long fermentations.

Milled from: GLENN, a Hard Red Spring Wheat  

Protein: 15%

Extraction Rate: 80%

Flavor profile: Light, bright, grassy flavors, with earthy, nutty undertones

Great to use in:  Classic baguettes and ficelles, sourdough or country bread, pan loaves, or any bread with a tender, delicate crumb, and leafy, crackling crust.

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