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Orange Corn Grits 1lb

Local, non-gmo, creamy orange corn grits!

Full transparency: one of our best friend's owns this business

Professor Torbert is our friend Evan's dad.  Mark and Evan have been friends since they went to college together at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.  Professor Torbert set out to change the world through science and agriculture.  As a corn geneticist, he was interested in plant breeding that produced more micronutrients in the corn.  Long story short (find the long story here), he came up with a high vitamin A corn, and he and Evan started their own company selling orange corn grits

These are so creamy and flavorful all on their own, but here are our 3 tips for making super tasty grits:

1. Don't use only water.  Upgrade to chicken stock and/or milk.  Stock adds more nutrition, collagen, and nutrients, and makes it taste much better.  True health freaks are always looking for more ways to add broth/stock into their diet - this is a good way to do so!

2. Add chopped garlic

3. Finish with a sprinkle of strong cheese (we usually use parmesan)

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