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Raw Honey in Glass

16 oz glass jar of raw, unheated local honey.

From Beekeeper Mike Hogan: We at Hogan Woods Honey have just ended our tenth season of beekeeping!  What started as a homeschool project ended up becoming a way of life at our home.

It is a joy to care for bees and share their honey, which is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.  We keep 8-10 hives in our wooded backyard, and harvest the raw honey straight from our hives into storage buckets into jars for sale.  Many honey-buyers use our honey to battle allergies, which can be minimized or eliminated with honey that is made from local flower nectar.  Any Internet search will also produce heaps of information on other health benefits of local honey from antioxidants to wound care to increased immunity.

Other honey-buyers say our honey’s taste is the best in the area, but the bees get all the credit for that.  They are the ones that do the hardest work, as it takes one million trips of gathering nectar to produce just one pound of honey.  Honeybees really are amazing.

The beauty of honey is that it is also one of the only foods that never spoils.  It can crystalize – a good sign that it is raw and unprocessed – but setting the jar in warm water makes it pourable again.

Hogan Woods Honey also harvests our beeswax as we harvest our honey.  We make candles and are currently experimenting with making lip balm, body lotion, and reusable food wraps.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Hogan Woods Honey experience!

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