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Real California Olive Oil - Fragrant and Fruity

The owners of Fat Gold farm a couple of acres of olives in Sunol, California, about forty minutes south of San Francisco.  This is from their 2021 harvest! The Blue is fragrant and fruity. 

Why we love it: We're all about that direct from the farm goodness.  Kathryn Tomajan and Robin Sloan co-own and operate Fat Gold.  Kathryn is an olive oil maker, taster, and educator, as well as co-founder and majority owner of Fat Gold.

Kathryn earned a master’s degree in food culture from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. Her thesis explored the opportunities and challenges of New World olive oil. Since then, she has made award-winning olive oil in Australia, New Zealand, and California.

Kathryn is a trained olive oil taster and serves on the California Olive Oil Council Sensory Panel.  In addition to her work on Fat Gold, Kathryn is developing a collaborative model for olive oil production with her eyes set on creating a women-led cooperative.

With all the talk of fake olive oil floating around, it's so good to know your source.  The packaging is awesome, and the oil is (obviously) insanely good because it's real, fresh, and of very high quality.  

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